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Saint Andrew's Choir

The choir is open to all people who have a love of singing for the glory of God. The choir welcomes anyone ages +14. 


Wednesdays (7pm - 8pm)

Sundays (9am TBD)

Quick Info

  • Choir members have the option to either 'dress and process' (wear robes & join the procession) OR sit with their families in the congregation and come up for the offertory

  • The choir provides musical leadership on a weekly basis


Bell Choir

All are invited to join the Bell Choir where all learn the fundamentals of music and participate in worship as scheduled.


Wednesdays (6:00pm - 6:45pm)

Quick Info

  • The Bell Choir uses a two-octave hand chimes designed for durable use and clear sound

  • Rehearsals are in the sanctuary

Guitar Strings


A 'churchestra' is an assorted group of instrumentalists with varying skill levels. Music will be composed, arranged, and customized for the group. Instrumentalists of all ages and experiences are welcome! If you are interested in joining or wish to perform solos for Sunday offertories, please contact Daniel.


As Needed